Telehealth sessions available by appointment
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I normally conduct an evaluation that will last from 2 to 4 sessions.  The initial few sessions are used to gather information (i.e. referral reason, symptoms, biopsychosocial history) and an opportunity for us to get to know one another.  During this time, we can both decide if I am the best person to provide the services you need in order to meet your treatment goals.  If we agree to begin psychotherapy, I will usually schedule one 45-55 minute session per week, at a time we agree on, although some sessions may be longer or more frequent.  Once an appointment hour is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you provide 24 hours advance notice of cancellation unless we both agree that you were unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control.  If it is possible, I will try to find another time to reschedule the appointment.

You are responsible for coming to your session on time and at the time we have scheduled.  If you are late, we will end on time and not run over into the next person’s session.  If you no show two sessions in a row and do not respond to my attempts to reschedule, I will assume you have dropped out of therapy, and will make that space available to another individual.